Are you looking for best floor tiles for your commercial and home spaces then we are here to help you to choose best. As far as we know, floor tiles are something that are more durable, thicker and stronger and are easy to maintain. But when it comes to floor tiling then double charge vitrified tiles is the best choice for your flooring surface.

Double charge vitrified floor tiles

Double charge vitrified tiles are very popular among the floor tiles. They are made from high quality ceramic raw material, clay and minerals. Double charge vitrified tiles are generally thicker than the traditional tiles that makes them more strong, tough and durable. 

Double charge vitrified tiles are the most popular choice when it comes to flooring, and they have shown to be a preferable option to marble, granite, and most other traditional floor tile options. They’re adaptable, extremely useful, simple to maintain, and will last for decades without damage. Because they are thicker than regular tiles and created with modern technology, double charged vitrified tiles are perfect for heavy foot traffic and commercial spaces. These floor tiles can be customized to fit the artistic requirements of any area, thanks to their stunning designs and long-lasting toughness. Double charged vitrified tiles are quickly becoming the most popular alternative for floor tiles due to their vast variety of advantages over traditional flooring solutions.

Benefits of AYMA double charge vitrified tiles

  1. Designed for heavy foot traffic – AYMA double charge vitrified tiles are thicker in nature then the traditional tiles that are more strong and tough. Double charge vitrified tiles are excellent solutions for commercial space where lots of people visit every day. To enhance the beauty of your spaces do install double charge floor tiles from AYMA, the only showroom in Bhavnagar that has distinctive beautiful designs and patterns in their double charge vitrified tiles collections.
  1. Durable and easy to maintain – AYMA double charge vitrified tiles can be helpful in many ways and that too they come in various designs and patterns. They are made to control strong foot traffic and are dirt and dust resistant, making them simple to clean. This gives the flooring a high level of utility while also making it simple to maintain.
  1. Anti-scratch and anti-stain – The easiest approach to assure low maintenance for flooring is by choosing AYMA double charge vitrified tiles. These vitrified tiles are stain and scratch resistant, as well as they are resistant to any damage, stain or scratch caused by weather exposure. They are also resistant to water damage caused due to rain or humidity making them extremely permanent, long lasting and easy to clean.
  1. Sturdy and tough – AYMA double charge vitrified floor tiles are sturdy and tough. When they get damaged by a stain or scratch they act in such a manner that it looks like they have no stain or scratch. These tiles are good when it comes to hiding the stain or scratch. Double charge vitrified floor tiles are a better option than any other traditional tiles because they get easily damaged and one can see the stains or scratches easily.
  1. Thicker in size – As compared to other normal traditional tiles, double charge vitrified tiles are more thicker because they go through printed designs and pigmented processes with double layer and it is how double charge vitrified floor tiles are made. That’s the reason why these tiles are thicker than any other traditional tiles. 
  1. Affordable and distinct designs – Due to the double pigmented layer on these double charge vitrified tiles makes them stronger than other tiles. Design of these tiles makes them strong and durable compared to other tiles. These double charge vitrified floor tiles are strong and affordable compared to other vitrified floor tiles. That’s the reason people generally love to use these double charge vitrified floor tiles rather than other flooring tiles.

These are some of the benefits of AYMA double charge vitrified tiles. To know more go through our online collections of lavish and stylish double charge vitrified tiles or visit our AYMA tiles showroom in Bhavnagar.

Why should you choose AYMA double charge vitrified tiles for flooring?

AYMA Tiles brings India’s most durable double charge vitrified tiles that are durable and long lasting. Available in many designs and prints with amazing glaze that gives a premium look to your surface. 

AYMA double charge vitrified tiles are ideal for any floor. Our double charge vitrified tiles are incredibly durable and adaptable, and come in a variety of styles and designs, due to utilization of modern technology and premium quality raw materials such as clay and minerals.

Design with Nano-Technology – Our double charge vitrified tiles are made from high grade quality of pure clay and minerals with the help of modern technology that promotes excellent durability to the tiles. With the help of modern technology they are coated with a cutting-edge nano-technology that renders them full resistance from water or other damages. 

Extreme Durable – AYMA double charge vitrified tiles are very durable and require minimum maintenance and are resistant to weather exposures and sunlight. AYMA vitrified tiles are made with such modern technology that, the surface of the tiles doesn’t get damaged due to direct sunlight, even it cannot fade away the color of floor tiles. Our vitrified double charge tiles are easy to handle and it would take minimum time to install.

Stylish Designs and Patterns – Every space conveys a different feel and to add more appeal to your space AYMA has a perfect solution for your floor surface. People often try to align the floor and walls of the home with specific patterns and design. AYMA tiles gives you liberty to choose double charge vitrified floor tiles from various stylish designs, colors, patterns that gives you space a lavish look. Furthermore, AYMA leading designers guide you to choose best vitrified floor tiles for that matches your taste.

AYMA double charge vitrified tiles have a distinct range of stylish designs with amazing convenience. They are simple to install because of their size and take less time to install. AYMA double charge vitrified floor tiles are stain-resistant, and their strength and durability ensure that they remain for long without losing stylish look. You can through our stylish and lavish double charge vitrified tiles collections online or you can visit our showroom where we can serve you better.

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