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Ayma Tiles – Best Ceramic Tiles In Bhavnagar

Ayma Tiles - Best Ceramic Tiles In Bhavnagar

What is Ceramic?

Ceramic. You may have heard this word many times and in different aspects. Ceramic potteries, Ceramic plates, Ceramic piggy-banks, Ceramic teeth fillings, Ceramic refrigerator magnets. 

Honestly, we are surrounded by all things Ceramic, starting from the basic structure of our houses (bricks) to the tiles laid in our homes. The only difference in these various items is how they are made, mainly the raw materials involved and the temperature at which they are baked.  

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles are one of those commonly manufactured and widely used things. Ceramic tiles can be placed on the wall or the floor. These tiles come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours and patterns. They are made in a combination of clay, sand, water and heat.

Ceramics are usually known to be brittle and easy to break. However, Ceramic Tiles are the opposite of that. They are durable and robust and aren’t prone to breakage. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and often can be cleaned with a simple wet cloth. They are even opposed to corrosion and are water-proof.   

Ceramic tiles can be utilised in every kind of space: bedroom, living rooms, kitchen, bathroom, showers, and exteriors. They are also easy to install and give off the most elegant and gorgeous look and feel. 

Ceramic tiles are pocket-friendly and economical. This makes it the perfect tile to invest in. Now, if you are wondering where you can get the best range of Ceramic tiles, you have come to the right place. It’s Ayma Tiles.   

Ayma Tiles - Best Ceramic Tiles In Bhavnagar

Ayma Tiles has the most generous homegrown collection of Ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles. They are available in digital tiles, matte finish, glossy and plain colours. They also produce the tiles in varied sizes – 600mmx600mm, 800mmx800mm, 1000mmx1000mm, etc. 

Why Ayma Tiles is Best Ceramic Tiles in Bhavnagar

Ayma Tiles is a tiles manufacturing company and has been operational since 2014. Their tile manufacturing plant is based in Morbi, Gujarat. They even sell the tiles under the brand name Ayma Tiles, which over the years have become a trusted brand among homeowners, interior designers, builders, dealers and agents in India and abroad. 

Ayma Tiles designs and produces attractive tiles while keeping in mind consumer demand, interest and choice. Ayma Tiles has an aesthetic collection of wall tiles and floor tiles, which will allow you to create every kind of decor you envision for your home or office. 

Alongside Ceramic Tiles, Ayma Tiles manufactures digital wall and floor tiles, parking lot tiles, and vitrified tiles (PGVT/ GVT). They even have a range of sanitary ware products too. 

Are Ceramic Tiles in Style?

Yes, ceramic tiles are in style. And will always be in style. 

Though they were initially only used in kitchen, bathrooms and shower areas, they are water-proof and adhere to easy cleaning. Ceramic tiles have gradually become an absolute design necessity in living rooms, bedrooms and office spaces. 

Ceramic tiles bring about an elegant, sophisticated look to the area. They also tend for a cleaner look, as they are stain-free and require low to no maintenance. 

Ayma Tiles has a range of ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles in a polished, matte and glazed finish. They have excellent quality and a comprehensive design range to fit every requirement and style guide. 

Ayma Tiles dedicates itself to continuously innovating new designs and textures of ceramic tiles. This way, you always receive the most unique, most fashionable design, which will brighten up your space.     

Ceramic Tiles Pros

Ayma Tiles - Best Ceramic Tiles In Bhavnagar

Ceramic tiles have a lot of advantages such as: 

  • Ceramic tiles are water-resistant. The tiles have a protective layer that makes them stain-free and water-proof. Ceramic tiles can withstand humid and hot conditions. Therefore these tiles are placed in the kitchen and bath areas. 
  • Durability is another strong suit of ceramic tiles. They are long-lasting, strong and abrasion-resistant. They have a long life span and can last as long as 20 years, at least if appropriately maintained. 
  • They require low maintenance. One can clean Ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles with a dry or a wet cloth if the stain is difficult to remove. The tiles will look as good as new if they are cleaned regularly.
  • Another great thing about Ceramic tiles is that they don’t harbour germs. The tiles do not absorb the germs or and as tiles are easy to clean, they can be wiped out easily. Therefore, always providing you with a safe environment.    
  • Ayma Tiles has a range of ceramic tiles in various sizes, colours, patterns and textures. They even print tile patterns to give a hardwood, natural stone or marble look. 

Ceramic Tiles For Kitchen

Ayma Tiles has a range of Ceramic digital kitchen tiles in different sizes, colours, and patterns. They have kitchen tiles of 10×15 inches, 12×18 inches, 12x 24 inches. 

They also have a range of plain ceramic tiles in glossy and matte formats, which can be installed in the kitchen, giving it a sophisticated, elegant and rich look.

Ceramic Tiles For Bathroom – Shower

Ayma Tiles has the most beautiful and specialised collection of Ceramic tiles just waiting to be installed in your bathrooms or shower areas. These tiles are water and heat resistant; therefore an ideal tile to use for your bathroom tiling. The tiles are manufactured in various sizes to suit your requirement – 10×15 inches, 12×18 inches, 12×24 inches.

Ceramic Tiles For Living Room – Bedroom

Ayma Tiles has ceramic tiles in multiple textures such as matte, glossy and plain. Ceramic tiles are printed in varied colours and patterns to suit the decor of every kind. The ceramic tiles can also be crafted to look like marble, stone or granite. This allows interior designers, homeowners or office owners to design their space in an elegant and rich look without spending too much. 

Buy Ceramic Tiles At Affordable Prices

If you want to buy ceramic tiles, Ayma Tiles is the place to visit. We have a wide range of ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles at affordable rates. Ayma Tiles has a showroom in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, and we even export ceramic tiles to many countries. The quality of the tiles produced by us is top-notch and will take care of your needs. 

Afterall, Ayma Tiles Has The Best Collection Of Ceramic Tiles In Bhavnagar!

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