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Buy Porcelain Tiles in Bhavnagar at Affordable Price

What are Porcelain Tiles?

Porcelain Tiles are made from the same raw materials as Ceramic Tiles; the only difference is the process of crafting a porcelain tile. These tiles also have low porosity and make their structure sturdier than ordinary ceramic tiles. The high density of tiles also makes them resistant to water absorption, thereby elongating their life. 

Porcelain Tiles are made through the process of Vitrification, where the mixture of heated raw materials (Clay, Quartz, Feldspar and Silica) is pressed down in a Hydraulic Pressing Machine. That’s why sometimes, Porcelain Tiles are also referred to as Vitrified Porcelain Tiles. 

As the Porcelain Tiles have been through the vitrification process, they are suitable outdoors and indoors. These tiles can endure various climatic conditions such as heat, cold, water, bacteria, fungus, etc. 

One can install these tiles in every kind of space – kitchen, living room, bathroom, shower areas, bedroom, office/commercial spaces, etc. These tiles can also be placed on patios, decks, balconies, and terraces. 

Due to their dense and heavier structure, Porcelain Tiles cost more than the regular ceramic tile. Despite that, they are preferred due to their durable and robust nature.  

Ayma Tiles has an excellent collection of various kinds of Porcelain Tiles. They are available in varied colors, sizes, patterns, thicknesses and textures. Porcelain Tiles might have a polished, glazed or matte finish, but no matter what, they will brighten up your home or office space and make it look classy and clean.   

Benefits of Porcelain Tiles

  • Averse its wear and tear:

Porcelain tiles are averse to wear and tear, and these tiles are strong, durable and can survive every weather condition. Even their color doesn’t fade due to sunlight, nor does excessive rainfall damage the tiles. 

Due to their thickness and high density, these tiles can withstand heavy footfall and are resistant to scratches. 

Therefore, these tiles will not get damaged for years to come. This is why Porcelain Tiles are often used for flooring in rental and commercial spaces.  

  • Low Maintenance: 

Porcelain Tiles require low maintenance. These tiles are easy and quick to clean, and they do not even require extra care and sealing like hardwood floors to keep them safe and unharmed. 

Porcelain Tiles can be easily cleaned by sweeping or mopping the floor. This is why these tiles are widely placed in kitchens, bathrooms and any place that has high moisture content. 

  • Suitable for high traffic areas: 

As Porcelain tile’s structure is dense and heavy, they make an excellent choice to use in high traffic areas. They have the durability and the strength to carry weight and cater to a high footfall. 

These tiles will even stay intact and undamaged, despite loaded regular usage. That’s why these tiles are suitable for offices, restaurants, resorts, hotels, etc. 

  • Wide Range of Options and Looks

The best part about Porcelain Tiles is that they can be made to look like almost any kind of flooring – hardwood, marble, granite, plain colors. They also come in various finishings such as polished, glazed, matte. Therefore a buyer gets to choose from a wide variety of tiles and select the best one for their purpose. 

As Ayma Tiles manufactures its tile collection, we ensure that top-quality raw materials are used. And that the tiles are manufactured with care and perfection using the latest technology. The crafted Porcelain Tiles will make your space look beautiful, elegant and extravagant. Just the way you want it to!  

Types of Porcelain Tile

  • Polished Porcelain Tile

Polished Porcelain Tiles are crafted by polishing the tile’s surface after it has been through the vitrification process with a diamond disk. These tiles cost less than Glazed Porcelain Tiles as there is no added polish, liquid glass, or chemicals to create its reflecting and smooth surface. 

  • Rectified Porcelain Tile

Rectified Porcelain Tiles are those tiles that are sawed and ground with proper machinery after they have been fired to acquire the exact 90-degree edge on all sides. This allows the manufacturers to create a clear size tile. 

This kind of tile can be subjected to chipping and cracking on the sides due to its sharp edges. Laying these tiles is also a tedious task, and therefore these tiles cost extra compared to other Porcelain Tiles. 

  • Glazed Porcelain Tile

Glazed Porcelain Tiles have an extra layer of liquid glass added to the fired Porcelain Tile to achieve a smoother surface. The glazing material is about 5-7 microns in thickness. Porcelain Glazed Tiles tend to be thinner and slightly less dense when compared with Unglazed Porcelain Tiles. 

Glazed Tiles come in four types of finishes – Gloss, Matte, Lappato and Textured. Therefore the shininess of the tile depends upon the kind of finishing you choose. Also, most of the Porcelain Tiles available in the market are glazed. 

Ayma Tiles has an entire range of beautifully crafted Porcelain Tiles of each type. They come in various sizes such as 600mmx600mm, 800mmx800mm, 600mmx1200mm, and 800mmx1600mm. These tiles are on display at the Ayma Tiles Showroom in Bhavnagar. So, if you are looking to tile your residential or commercial place, this is the place to visit. 

Grades of Porcelain Tiles 

According to their thickness, durability, and strength, porcelain Tiles are graded from 1 to 5. Grade 1 is the thinnest, and Grade 5 is the thickest Porcelain Tile. According to the thickness and strength, the Porcelain Tiles can be used for varied purposes and in different areas, such as – 

Grade 1 – Grade 1 tiles are the thinnest and least durable among the five grades. Grade 1 tiles are ideal to use as wall tiles for the kitchen, backsplashes and bathrooms.

Grade 2 – One can use Grade 2 Porcelain Tiles in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms as wall tiles. However, these can be used for flooring, but they cannot withstand heavy load or weight. 

Grade 3 – These grade tiles are highly sold and used for flooring in residential spaces. They can tolerate moderate foot traffic and can be utilized for small commercial and office spaces. 

Grade 4 – Grade 4 Porcelain Tiles are recommended for commercial use. They are widely used in places with high foot traffic, such as big offices, showrooms, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc. 

Grade 5 – This grade Porcelain Tiles are used for places with hefty foot traffic, such as hospitals, schools, markets, industrial buildings, etc. 

Buy Porcelain Tiles in Bhavnagar 

Ayma Tiles has a wide range and exceptional quality of Porcelain Tiles on display in the showroom in Bhavnagar. 

Now that you know plenty about Porcelain Tiles, you can visit our store and choose the right type of Porcelain Tile to fit your requirements and build your residential or commercial space exactly the way you imagine it! 

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