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 Types of Tiles You Can Install in the Living Room

Living Rooms are the designed spaces in the front of the house. It’s the common area where one relaxes and socializes, and it’s the space that dictates the whole house’s feel and looks. It’s also an area most accessed by visitors, so living rooms carry more grandeur than any other rooms in the house. 

Out of the many things that make your living room stand out, one of the significant aspects is tiles. They form and contribute significantly to the overall interior of the space. You can utilize various types, sizes, colors, and textures of tiles to make your dream living room space. 

Ayma Tiles in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, can take care of your tiling needs for the living room as we offer two broad categories of tiles for you to choose from – 

Wall Tiles 

As the name suggests, Wall Tiles are installed on the interior walls in residential and commercial spaces. These tiles are also lighter than the floor tiles as they don’t have to carry a heavyweight load. That’s why Wall Tiles are often used to cover up walls in the living room, as they give a delicate and elegant look to the walls. They are also scratch-proof, stain-free, and easy to maintain.          

Wall Tiles also include Base Tiles, which are placed at the bottom of the walls to incorporate a smoother floor-to-wall finish. The small joint patch of tiles is set to create a water-tight and moisture-free structure. The base tiles installed are usually the same as the floor tiles.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Floor Tiles 

Floor Tiles refer to the tiles installed on the floors in our residential and commercial spaces. Tiles are the most common type of flooring used in India, and that’s why there are multiple options, colors, textures, and styles available. Floor tiles are also available in different sizes per the customer’s needs. The floor tiles are heavier and thicker than Wall Tiles and are made to carry a higher weight load. 

Best Living Tiles For Gujrat

Floor Tiles are commonly used because of their basic properties of being easy to clean, they’re scratch-proof, water-proof, dirt-resistant, and have an anti-skid surface. Therefore making them an ideal choice for flooring, especially in the living rooms!   

The Wall and Floor Tiles can be categorized into four parts, depending on their manufacturing process and strength. Each type of tile is unique and provides particular benefits! Ayma Tiles keeps the following kinds of tiles – 

Ceramic Tiles 

Ceramic Tiles are commonly manufactured and widely used for tiling floors and walls. They are famous for their durability, robustness, and inability to breakage. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean, oppose corrosion, and are water-proof. They are also easy to install and give off the most elegant and gorgeous look and feel. 

Ceramic tiles are pocket-friendly and economical, making it the perfect time to invest in. Now, if you are wondering where you can get the best range of Ceramic tiles, you have come to the right place. It’s Ayma Tiles.   

Ayma Tiles has the greatest homegrown collection of Ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles. They are available in digital tiles, matte finish, and glossy and plain colors. They also produce the tiles in varied sizes – 600mmx600mm, 800mmx800mm, 1000mmx1000mm, etc. 

Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tile is a ceramic tile with very low permeability or porosity, and this means that there are low void or empty spaces between the rocks. In other words, vitrified tiles are denser than ceramic tiles. 

The vitrified tiles have a glassy look and are tough, firm, and homogenous. These tiles are primarily utilized in settings with heavy footfall. Due to the rich finish of the tile, they are used for interiors of living rooms. 

Ayma Tiles has various types of Vitrified Tiles, such as Double Charge, GVT/PGVT, Glazed, Soluble Salt, and Full Body. The vitrified tiles are also available in multiple sizes, such as 600mmx600mm, 800mmx800mm, 600mmx1200mm, and 800mmx1600mm.

We even have a whole catalog of Vitrified Digital Tiles available in finishes like Rustic, Matte, and Glazed. The Vitrified Digital Tiles give a classy look, ideal for designing interiors you’re dreaming of!  

Porcelain Tiles 

Porcelain Tiles are made from the same raw materials as Ceramic Tiles; the only difference is the crafting process of a Porcelain Tile. 

These tiles have low porosity, and therefore their structure is sturdier than Ceramic Tiles. The high density of these tiles also makes them resistant to water absorption, thereby elongating their life. These tiles can endure various climatic conditions such as heat, cold, water, bacteria, fungus, etc. 

Due to their dense and heavier structure, Porcelain Tiles cost more than the regular ceramic tile. Despite that, they are preferred due to their durable and robust nature.  

Ayma Tiles has an excellent collection of various kinds of Porcelain Tiles. They are available in varied colors, sizes, patterns, thicknesses, and textures. Porcelain Tiles might have a Polished, Glazed, or Matte finish, but no matter what, they will brighten up your living room and make it look classy and clean.   

Digital Wall Tiles 

Digital Wall Tiles are made of Ceramic Raw material usually manufactured using digital prints and designs. Through Digital Media, multiple varieties of textures, images, colors, patterns, and designs that suit your taste are printed on the tiles. Digital Wall Tiles are generally thick and placed in spaces with more foot traffic, making them ideal for living rooms. 

Digital Wall Tiles are generally affordable and durable, and they are also water-resistant and have a low absorption capacity. As a result, tiles maintain their shape despite regular cleaning and damage for a more extended time. They are even fired and fade resistant and also resistant to cleaning chemicals. 

Digital Wall Tiles are available in two types of finishes – Glossy and Matte. They are even available in various sizes, as per your taste and need. The Digital Wall Tiles add extravagance and elegance to the space, depending upon the tile selected. Ayma Tiles in Bhavnagar can show you several options and help you choose the right fit for your living room, a space that will be your pride for years to come! 

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