It’s the Ideal Tiling Option!

Glazed vitrified tile or polished glazed vitrified tile have a functional and aesthetical look. They are a perfect fit for commercial and residential spaces. Also, vitrified tile is durable, strong, and easy to maintain. Ayma tiles has a complete collection of gvt and pgvt tiles. We craft gvt tiles in every kind of finishing – rustic, sugar, and matte. These tiles have an anti-skid surface and are scratch-resistant. The polished glazed vitrified tiles are the ideal substitute for the granite and marble. They are only available in glossy finish and are usually utilised to make the interiors bright and shiny. Our gvt and pvgt tiles are highly sought after, as they are made with premium quality materials and made with the best technology.

Glazed Solutions for Tiling

GVT/PGVT tiles are made to handle heavy foot-traffic, and can be placed in residential and commercial spaces. These tiles are known to liven-up any space with elegance and grandeur.

Our Collection of GVT/ PGVT Tiles

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