Capture the Essence of Your Space with Vitrified Floor Tiles

Ayma Tiles has cracked the code to make exceptional quality Vitrified tiles. Vitrified tiles are more durable when compared with Ceramic tiles, and are resistant to frost and water. These tiles retain their sheen even after years of usage. They are easy to clean and maintain. These tiles are used in bathrooms, the kitchen, and on outdoor walls. Ayma Tiles has a whole range of vitrified tiles for you, in different sizes, patterns, and designs. All the tiles have been crafted to make your homes and offices look and feel good.

Vitrified Flooring Solutions

Vitrified Tiles can be used for flooring in residential and commercial areas. These tiles are well-known for their strength and ability to handle heavy loads. Ayma Tiles also houses an impressive range of Vitrified Digital Tiles.

Our Collection of Vitrified Floor Tiles
Digital Floor Tiles